Demand Letters

Final demand notice concept for debt, past due and overdue paymentDemand Letters, Labels, Return Cheque Notices

Dixon Commercial Investigators (1982) Inc. provides its members with a number of effective tools that they have the option to use to attempt to strengthen their own collection efforts before having to submit an account to us for collection.

Members will have an unlimited supply of demand notices that they can choose to send out to their debtors. These notices are strongly worded and use Dixon’s name and will firmly let your debtors know that this is their final notice and tells them that their account will be placed with Dixon Commercial Investigators for collection if payment is not received within ten days.

Members can choose to place a bold red label on their passed due invoices letting their debtor know that passed due accounts are referred to Dixon Commercial Investigators (1982) Inc.
Members are also provided with return cheque notices, which are bold red cards and are convenient and effective ways of letting a debtor know that they have given you a bad cheque.