Frequently Asked Questions

What is your average success rate?

Our 60+ years in business says a lot about our Success rate. As well we offer a written guarantee.

What if the amount of money that is owed to me is too little or large to collect?

No amount of money is too little or too large to collect.

I do not have any paperwork or invoices. Are you able to help me with this file(s)?

We do not require paperwork to start the collection process; simply fill out our collection form with the information requested.

I am not able to locate the individual that owes me money. Are you going to be able to locate them?

We have a skip trace department that would be able to locate the individual for you.

What can you collect on?

• Write offs
• NSF payments
• Rentals
• Personal loans
• Anything where an individual owes you money

How old of a debt will you accept for collections?

No debt is too old to collect on. We can go back and collect on your aged accounts as well as written off files.

Are you able to do credit checks?

Yes, we do credit checks for our Clients.

Are you able to proceed with legal action on my file(s)?

We have an in-house paralegal that can proceed with legal action on your file(s) if you request to do so.

Are you able to collect anywhere in the world?

Yes, we are able to collect anywhere in the world.