Have you provided products or services and now the customer is refusing to pay? Are you getting tired of hounding your tenants for rent money, and now they are 3 months late on payment? Whatever your collections needs, if you are owed money, Dixon Commercial can help.


We have been in business for over 66 years, so we've experienced every kind of debtor along the way. We can do everything from mediation to impacting their credit rating to going to court to get you that judgement. Dixon goes the distance on your behalf. Once you sign with Dixon, we collect 10% commission on all accounts over $300, and anything under $300 is ZERO COMMISSION!

Let's get the process started collecting on your delinquent accounts today! Please fill out all the required fields below and we'll get back to you during regular business hours. Know your options.

Looking for more information? Please click here to visit our website.

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Dixon Commercial Investigators

Dixon Commercial Investigators