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A New Sales Representative

Do you like talking on the phone? Think you could spend the whole day chatting it up with folks across Canada? Then this just might be the job for you! Fill out the application and send in your resume to have the opportunity to work at the best company in the world. We've been in business for over 65 years, so we're kind of a BIG DEAL...(Zero bias detected.) 

No Experience Required!

Paid Training Provided

We take the time to guide our sales representatives in ways to effectively sell over the phone. We offer tools to help you generate your leads and complete your sales. On top of that, we have an amazing work environment for you to flourish in! Yeah, you won't be working remotely. We don't do that here....

Base Pay + Commission

We offer a competitive wage + commission (uncapped bonuses/incentives) with an employee retention rate so awesome, we rarely have to hire new staff! Of course, we are growing, so here we are. Just consider yourself lucky that you're among the few who have been blessed by such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Is our bias showing? I mean, what bias??? pssh.

Flexible Hours

Do you have kids you need to pick up after school? Need Friday off? Can't start work until 10am? We understand life can be messy. Or maybe you're lazier than you'd care to admit. Whatever the reason, Dixon gives you the freedom with flex hours to make your own schedule. This is certainly not a part-time position, but as long as you get your hours in (while the office is open), you can work around your "priorities".  

You're still here? We have nothing left to say to you.

Dixon Commercial Investigators

Dixon Commercial Investigators