Dixon Commercial Investigators (1982) Inc.

An international organization serving creditors since 1956. Over 100,000 clients have used our unique service to control their accounts receivables. One of our bigger membership advantages is that Dixon Commercial Investigators (1982) Inc. will provide fail-safe protection from losses on delinquent receivables. Usually your customer pays you direct and Dixon Commercial Investigators (1982) Inc. does not handle your money. There are no hidden charges.

We provides recovery service on past due accounts throughout North America and world wide by way of over 3,500 associated offices. In addition to bills and invoices, we handle contracts, notes, deficiencies, NSF cheques, conditional sales contracts, lease agreements, etc.

Using advanced psychological techniques and specialized procedures We converts delinquent accounts into profitable customers. We always keep in mind the importance of your public good will – and the special problems of your business or profession.

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No Charge to our clients to collect accounts under $300. Only 10% charge on accounts over $300 when collected.

Our Service

Our Service is unique and effective. There is no account too small, too big, or too old that our 60+ years of experience and comprehensive service can’t handle. With collection rates at 0% on accounts under $300 and only 10% on accounts over $300, Dixon Commercial Investigators (1982) Inc. only takes a small cut of what is collected, making recovering your delinquent accounts very affordable.

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