Dixon Commercial Investigators (1982) Inc.

First established in Ontario, Canada, Dixon Commercial Investigators has been able to gain global recognition as an international collection agency serving creditors worldwide since 1956. With over 100,000 clients in our nearly 70 years in business, we have used our experience in the collection industry to become a necessity for small-to-medium-sized businesses, income property owners and even individuals offering personal loans to help recover their debts. One of our biggest membership advantages is that Dixon Commercial Investigators will provide fail-safe protection from losses on delinquent receivables.


Why waste your time and resources chasing debt? Let us handle collecting on your delinquent accounts so you can get back to doing what you do best!

No Charge to our clients to collect accounts under $300. Only 10% charge on accounts over $300 when collected.

Our Services

Having access to our user-friendly members portal, clients are able to attempt collection efforts on their own with the tools & resources provided, before submitting debtor accounts for collection. Once a delinquent account is submitted to Dixon for collections, we provide recovery services at a rate of 10% on accounts over $300, while anything under that amount is collected at ZERO COMMISSION.


In addition to bills and invoices, we handle contracts, notes, deficiencies, NSF cheques, conditional sales contracts and lease agreements. We can even run credit checks!

In the chance a debtor has changed their address or phone number, we can utilize skip tracing to track them down. Even in cases where the debtor has stopped answering the phone or blocked the client’s number, we have a plethora of numbers from which to call making it extremely difficult to avoid or block our calls. Our licensed collectors, using advanced psychological techniques and specialized legal procedures, are able to convert delinquent accounts into profitable receivables the client would have otherwise written off or reluctantly excused.

Our online reporting tools allow members to track their submitted delinquent accounts as they are updated from month-to-month. At the end of the day, Dixon Commercial Investigators still has the ability to report on those delinquent accounts to affect credit at no additional charge to our members. This alone will affect credit for up to 7 years! Don’t wait too long to go after the money you are owed. Let’s get started today!

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